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Posted: 9 February, 2013 in Comic, TV series

Here are some info about a new official site for The Walking Dead: Website Launch: “Robert Kirkman, creator and writer of The Walking Dead, and Skybound, his imprint at Image Comics, announce their new website devoted to all things The Walking Dead at debuts Sunday, February 10, just in time for the return of AMC’s top-rated television series, The Walking Dead, where Kirkman is an Executive Producer and writer. The series is based upon his Eisner Award-winning comic book series and graphic novels, the #1 original graphic novels for 2011 and 2012. Now fans of The Walking Dead universe can find all the information for all platforms of the record-breaking The Walking Dead in one place.

The new site will feature news on The Walking Dead, contests available only on the site and some shared content with our partners on games, books, apps and more. The site will feature the ultimate The Walking Dead wikis, recaps of the hit show,plus exclusive merchandise. will not only cover the comics and graphic novels, but also the show, the games, and live events like The Walking Dead Escape. Be the first person to hear what’s new, exciting and cutting edge in the world of The Walking Dead by making daily visits to, the best destination online for fans of The Walking Dead in all its incarnations.”

Source: Daily Dead.

Zombie Kills

Posted: 8 February, 2013 in TV series

The Walking Dead Zombie Kills Seasons 1+2+3 (until ep.8)

How about this special edition of season 3 on Blu-ray? I know I’m going to get one!






In this exclusive first look, gaze upon “The Walking Dead” Third Season Limited Edition Blu-Ray Case– which with a little water, gives you a tank-full of violently decapitated heads, just like The Governor on the show.

The case features five plastic decapitated heads, all horribly decayed, most missing a jaw or other parts. Just add water and it’s fun for the whole family, by which we mean the Addams Family, the Manson Family, or just a family that really needs a visit from Social Services.

And according to McFarlane, this case will be a truly unique “The Walking Dead” collectible for everyone who purchases it. “We thought it would be fun for the consumer, after buying the case and taking it home, had to get a little interactive, because we’re not supplying the water!” McFarlane says with a laugh. “So you’re going to have to fill up the tanks yourself, and we’ve got little hooks on the heads, so you can arrange them any way you see fit. You can hang them in a certain order, or you can just let them go to the ground and flop around. No one person’s case has to be exactly like the other’s.”

More info here.

Here is the press release for the game:

Prepare Yourself for the Apocalypse with The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Pre-Order Bonus DLC

February 7, 2013 – Any advantage could mean the difference between life and death in the terrifying world of The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, where every path, action, and choice has a consequence. Activision® and Terminal Reality today announced that players who pre-order the game from GameStop or Amazon will get a jump on the end of the world with an exclusive DLC pack:

· GameStop Herd Mode Challenge – How many frenzied flesh-eaters can you survive against before joining their ranks? Take on endless waves of walkers, each more dangerous than the last, in the all-new Herd Mode. Each wave of undead held off brings with it a new outbreak of hungry biters and new opportunities to rack up an even higher score.

· Amazon Walker Execution Pack – Give yourself an edge (or five) with this ‘unique’ weapon kit. The Amazon Walker Execution Pack adds multiple melee options to your arsenal, including a survival knife, sawtoothed machete, kukri, reinforced hatchet, and advanced machete. With ammo scarce and the undead attracted to loud noises, a sharp, silent blade might just be your most trusted companion.

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct is a do-whatever-you-need-to-survive first-person action game that brings the deep, character-driven world of AMC’s Emmy®Award-winning TV series onto console gaming systems and the PC. The game follows the mysterious, crossbow-wielding survivor Daryl Dixon, brought to life by TV series star Norman Reedus, alongside his overbearing brother Merle, voiced by Michael Rooker, on a haunting, unforgiving journey across the Georgia countryside. Players will need to tread carefully on this desperate quest, scrounging for food, water, and ammunition to survive against nightmares both living and undead.

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct is scheduled to be released in North America on March 19 for the Xbox 360®, PlayStation® 3, and PC and on March 26 for Wii U™. It is rated “M” for Mature by the ESRB. For more information, visit or ‘Like’ The Walking Dead on Facebook ( Herd Mode is unlockable for Xbox 360® and PlayStation® 3 exclusively through Gamestop, and the Walker Execution Pack is available exclusively through Amazon. While supplies last. Limited time only. Code received when game is available.

Taiwan Promo

Posted: 8 February, 2013 in Season 3, TV series

Here is a Taiwan promo for this upcoming Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead.


3 days…

Posted: 7 February, 2013 in Season 3, TV series

…left until The Walking Dead is back!




Governor covers

Posted: 7 February, 2013 in Comic

Here are the three different covers for The Governor special issue.




More info about the covers can be found here.

AMC promotion

Posted: 7 February, 2013 in Season 3, TV series

Cool promo from union station in Toronto.



I have a signed photo of Michael Rooker that I’m going to give to one of you. All you have to do is send me a photo that illustrates your love for The Walking Dead. What the photo shows it entirely up to you but I will judge your creativity, ingenuity, originality and most importantly how it shows that you are a huge fan of The Walking Dead!

So, get creative and send the photo to and do it before February 28.

Good Luck!


4 days…

Posted: 6 February, 2013 in Season 3, TV series

…until the return of The Walking Dead and I know you will love episode 9…